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Automotive industry recession, Asian butadiene prices continue to fall Send date: 2012-11-12 15:27
forced to continue toabsorb the remainingstock,butadienepricesinthe spot marketinAsiais likely to continuetofallinthecoming weeks.

Since the end of September, butadiene prices have fallen by more than 200 U.S. dollars / ton, mainly due to oversupply and downstream demand downturn. October 26, butadiene prices in 1750-1800 U.S. dollars / ton CFR Northeast Asia, fell last week, compared to 60-90 U.S. dollars / ton. Some traders said, butadiene manufacturers there is pressure on the stock, and the market demand is weak. The buyer asked postponed to the goods shipped by the end of December, the price has also dropped to less than $ 1700. Cargo operators who are forced to lower due to pressure on the stock sale to attract buyers.

And with the future succession to Hong Kong for two months in Europe, the Middle East and Brazil supply, price pressures will be further deepened. Some manufacturers have indicated, the butadiene price down the space left, the oversupply situation will continue.

Either synthetic rubber manufacturers in China and South Korea, or close the plant shutdowns, weak demand for butadiene. As the largest synthetic rubber producers in Asia, Korea Kumho intends to maintain Lishui factory with an annual output of 330,000 tons of butadiene rubber plant operating rate of around 80%. At the same time, if the situation without improvement, Taiwan Synthetic Rubber Co., Ltd. intends to cut Kaohsiung annual production capacity of 100,000 tons of styrene butadiene rubber factory to 80%. Some mainland butadiene rubber factory, including Sinopec Shanghai Takahashi, Dushanzi, Xinjiang Land Fine Petrochemical, Qilu petrochemical industry due to sluggish market conditions and plant closings.

Downturn in car sales in China and India to cut production weighed on the Asian market demand for synthetic rubber. German truck manufacturer MAN announced the suspension of the two assembly lines in Munich and Salzgitter, the last four weeks.

The United States, Ford and Volkswagen, Citroen, France declared closed since 2014 in Belgium, Britain, Germany and France factory